Break Barriers....Shatter Stereotypes

20 years ago, IMI was proudly founded by a woman. As Diana Cuttell excelled in a male-dominated industry, she empowered many women along the way.

Today, women are more encourged to join a career in trades, than ever. However, there is still a long way to go with breaking stereotypes, misconceptions and overall feeling of intimidation for many women. 

At IMI, our mission has always been to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment in the field. We beleive that skills, wage and opportunity are not defined by gender, race or religion.

Join forces with us, to campaign for more women to join trades feilds by sharing your positive experiences in your career. 

Share Your Story!

Submit your story to inspire other women to join the skilled trades industry to open up a world of opportunity & fulfilling future. 

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